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the Opening Ceremony of Kuwait-themed library area in the Guangzhou Library

Release Time : 2021-12-14

On the afternoon of December 6, 2021, Mr. Khalifa Mohammed Alkhorafi, the Consul General of the Consulate General of the State of Kuwait in Guangzhou and Mr. Ahmed Mohammed bin Yusuf, the First Secretary of the Consulate General of Kuwait in Guangzhou, attended the Book Donation Ceremony of Kuwait-themed library area,which was held in the Guangzhou Library.

Mr. Fang Jiazhong, the Director of the Guangzhou Library, sincerely thanked the State of Kuwait and the Consulate General of Kuwait in Guangzhou for the important Kuwaiti books that covered various fields. He said that the establishment of the Kuwait-themed book area is a historic achievement, which has played a substantial role in the spread of Kuwait's culture and history and the deepening of cultural exchanges between China and Kuwait.

Mr. Alkhorafi said that the Guangzhou Library is an important cultural and civilized unit of the People's Republic of China. It contains the treasures of human civilization and possesses multilingual book resources in various fields. Mr. Alkhorafi also emphasized the diversity and importance of the books donated by Dr. Abdullah Yusuf Alghunaim, Director of the Kuwait Research Center.He said that the establishment of the Kuwait-themed book area in the Guangzhou Library not only strengthens the cultural cooperation between the two countries, but also deepens the friendship between the two peoples. Through this platform, Chinese friends can learn more about Kuwait and its cultural and civilization heritage, people’s heritage, and socio-economic situation.

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